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Busy schedules and a stressful mind are what the modern competitive world has conferred on us. People seem to have befriended poor nutrition, unhealthy sleep patterns and lack of exercise! Few realize that these impair health and life span. Heal Wellness Solutions offer Health U, a personal health management package, with a new perspective towards health and well being. As Dr. Mark Hyman says, "You are the CEO of your own wellness. You need to take back your health from the disease-care system." We focus on implementing Functional Medicine, giving emphasis to the totality of mind, body and spirit.

Health U involves a two-day health assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning. As the initial step, a detailed assessment of the nutritional status of the patient will be carried out by our counselor. Based on the assessment, the patient will be directed to our physicians, who are experts in their own streams of medicine. A comprehensive health assessment will be later carried out, in order to infer the patient's health history and monitor his lifestyle. This includes filling up a lifestyle assessment questionnaire followed by physical examination.

Our qualified and skilled diagnostic professionals investigate and precisely understand the personal health status of individual patients, through Saliva Analysis, Urinalysis, Blood Analysis and Hair mineral analysis. The former three are carried out at our in-house advanced laboratory and the latter at Inter Clinical Laboratories, USA.

We offer comprehensive Metabolic Typing test to identify the metabolic type of each patient and help them achieve better health. Our professionals will identify the patient's nutrition and diet requirements and also predict future ailments, thus creating possibilities to opt for preventive steps. We also employ Organic acid testing, by which our healthcare specialists will be able to measure whether your body is getting enough nutrients and using it to drive optimal health.

Based on our reliable test results, our patients who are diagnosed with ailments are provided the option to avail our treatment and wellness packages based on our integrative medicine approach. Others, with negligible probability of any future ailment may benefit from our guidance to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Each patient can receive personalized information about:

Personal Diet – types of food to eat and avoid;

Custom integration - doses of nutrients to be integrated;

Behaviour and lifestyle to follow;

Environmental intervention to be made.

Finally, the use of supplements and nutraceuticals becomes rational!

Health care Providing you total health Care!


"I feel strongly about nutrition; I would love to be an advocate in this area in a more useful way. I've already told ...more

C.S., Michigan

I couldn't get my doctors to order the tests I felt I needed. I was able to get info about them on your website & subsequent testing....more

L.G., Indiana

I love the cutting edge testing and all the education that Metametrix provides. I appreciate the fact that educational materials...more

A.N., Georgia
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